Chimney Sweeping


Looking for an Austin chimney sweep company that delivers reliable service at an affordable price?


Square Before chimney2Since 1990, Heart of Texas Chimney Service have been offering chimney sweeps for homes and businesses in the Central Texas area.  

Our Heart of Texas trained professionals will conduct a 22 point inspection of your home or commercial fireplace and provide you with a complete report on the condition and reliability of the fireplace system.


Full service by experienced technicians

When our trained professionals come to your home or multi family property for a chimney cleaning (or additional services), they do more than just clean your chimney.  They will explain the process and are qualified to offer the following comprehensive services.  

  • Inspect, install, sweep and maintain chimney and fireplace systems
  • Diagnose chimney performance issues
  • Describe changes for performance improvement 
  • Educate the customer about safe and efficient operation of fireplace venting systems

Here’s what you can expect during your chimney cleaning.

  • We greet our customers and enter the home to lay our drop cloths, shut the damper and inspect the firebox.
  • Go to the roof and inspect from the roofline up (top half of the chimney) and sweep it down.
  • Go back inside with a vacuum and a throat brush.
  • Open the damper and brush out the throat and the smoke shelf, the damper housing and fireplace walls and firebox.
  • After the inspection and cleaning are complete, we pick up our equipment, write out our inspection report and go over the details of the report with our customers.

The chimney inspection and sweep typically takes about 35 minutes though it can take longer if there is an insert or the chimney is exceptionally dirty.