Chimney Repairs

IMG 6344 1Heart of Texas Chimney Service is a full-service chimney company including complete chimney rebuilding, chimney repairs, chimney lining, chimney crown, tuckpointing, chimney caps, firebox rebuilding and anything else that has to do with the structure or venting of your chimney or stove.

Chimney repair is a necessary part of the life of any home. Chimneys are responsible for safely removing hazardous gasses and smoke from a house, and therefore, should not be ignored. Damaged chimneys can lead to house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoky fireplaces, among other problems. For this reason, any chimney problem you need fixed is best left to the experts.

No matter what type of fireplace or chimney you have, our experienced technicians can service and repair them all, including masonry or factory-built fireplaces, gas fireplaces or pellet/wood stoves.

Contact Us to schedule an appointment and we will come out to discuss your fireplace and chimney needs.