Chimney Caps & Dampers

Chimney caps are the area of the chimney at the top that seals the top opening preventing moisture and shedding rainwater stopping the chimney from deteriorating. Often chimney caps are improperly built or deteriorate. Whether the chimney cap in question involves working with concrete, brick and mortar, or stone Heart of Texas Chimney Service has the experience necessary to provide lasting results.

What's the difference between chimney caps and chimney dampers?

There’s a big difference, however the confusion is in the use of the terms.

Chimney Dampers

A damper is a device which slows down the flow of smoke. In the case of fireplaces, it also slows down the heated house air from going up the chimney. This is the main purpose of a fireplace damper.


Chimney Cap

A rain cap, a chimney cover or an animal guard is something that mounts over the top of the flue. It helps to keep rain and animals out. While you can get a cover made out of ordinary steel, don’t. You absolutely want a stainless steel chimney cover because the other ones rust. A cap also usually has some sort of screen to prevent birds and animals out as it keeps the rain out. A chimney cap does not stop the flow of air/smoke in the flue. There is nothing to operate; they just sit on top of the chimney and keep rain out.