22-Point Chimney Inspection Service

Our certified chimney sweeps use a 22-point chimney evaluation when performing chimney inspections. 

Level I

Level I is a comprehensive inspection. This inspection offers a professional inspection of the fireplace system and its components while thoroughly inspecting all areas, including setting up ladder(s) to inspect the roof flashing and top of chimney.

Level I evaluation inspection includes checking the following areas:


  • chimney Hearth Protection
  •  Firebox/Grate
  •  Ash Container
  •  Damper
  •  Smoke Chamber
  •  Spark Screen/Doors


  •  Height
  •  Brickwork/Mortar
  •  Flue Tiles
  •  Flashing
  • Crown/Wash
  • Water Resistance
  • Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor


  •  Stove Pipe Condition
  •  Factory Chimney
  •  Stove Gasketing
  •  Installation/Thimble/Clearances
  •  Approved Flue Connection

Level II

Level II inspection includes that of Level I and typically requires physical examination inside existing flue or liner to determine the integrity of the system. Level II includes inspecting all accessible ares of the chimney.