Real Estate Inspections


Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make in your lifetime. In almost every case a home real estate transaction will require a home inspector examine the property for defects in workmanship. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that home inspectors do not inspect the flue liner of your chimney for defects. Our Heart of Texas trained professionals will conduct a 22 point inspection of your home or commercial fireplace and provide you with a complete report on the condition and reliability of the fireplace system.

Before you make your decision to invest in your new home enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is in working order. NFPA 211 12.5.1 states that all real estate transactions require a Level II inspection upon sale or transfer of property.

At Heart of Texas Chimney Service we provide two types of Real Estate Inspections:

  • Level I is a comprehensive inspection. This inspection offers a professional inspection of the fireplace system and its components while thoroughly inspecting all areas, including setting up ladder(s) to inspect the roof flashing and top of chimney.
  • Level II is more comprehensive and typically requires physical examination inside existing flue or liner to determine the integrity of the system. Level II includes inspecting all accessible areas of the chimney.


Each inspection will save your client thousands of dollars and considerable time if caught early! For your professional Real Estate Inspection contact our office at 512 775-2228 or use our Contact Form. We will provide an inspection report that includes photos, estimates for repairs and video if necessary.